Cover for Hot & Sticky, the 2023 Passionate Ink anthology. An ice cream cone melts and drips.

Get Hot & Sticky while you can!

Oct 16, 2023 | Anthology | 0 comments

This summer has been a busy one! I’ve been readying some very spicy short stories for publication, which has been a blast. We traveled to Colorado for a friend’s wedding. And not only was I on the coordinating committee for the Hot & Sticky anthology, but I wrote a story for it as well. I loved writing Heat Waves, and I have big plans for it after my rights revert.

Speaking of, you have just a little over 2 weeks to get your hot little hands on a copy of Hot & Sticky! The anthology was only out for a limited time, and that time is almost up. Grab your copy, either an ebook or a paperback, on Amazon HERE

As always, this is a charity anthology, with proceeds going to ProLiteracy.