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Extras for Writers

One of the things I love about writing is meeting and interacting with other writers. I’ve never seen them as competition–there’re plenty of readers, and everyone deserves a chance to succeed. So, I’ve made this page of resources to help give back to the writing community that was so generous with me (and continues to be so). Happy writing!

Books on Writing Craft, Business, & Self-Care

Tools, Software, & Programs


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StoryOrigin is a one-stop shop for authors. I mostly use it to seamlessly distribute my reader magnet and easily arrange newsletter swaps–both group and one-on-ones with authors–to grow my direct marketing list, but there’s so much more. ARC reviews, direct sales, website building, wordcount and writing trackers, universal book links… It’s constantly growing, and their customer service can’t be beat.


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I don’t even pretend to know all the awesome ways you can use Scrivener. Some authors never use another program outside of it to write a book! But my favorite thing about it is how I can easily use the cork board feature for plotting, simply moving scenes around. It makes my heart happy, being able to color code, store my research, and even just write in it. It’s indespensible.


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Vellum is my go-to software for formatting professional-quality ebooks, paperbacks of any size, and hardcovers. There’s so much you can customize too, like drop caps and page break images, and you can even load in elements that don’t really change like your bio, etc. It’s a one-time purchase, and you get all their amazing updates.



#formatting #ebookformatting #printformatting

Atticus is one of several great software programs that allows you to easily format gorgeous ebooks and print. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.

Publisher Rocket

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Publisher Rocket is bonkers level good at what it does–and that is easily assisting authors search for the best keywords for Amazon ads and your book’s metadata. It even shows what categories are profitable, and how the competition is for using a certain keyword. Anything that takes the guesswork out of this is a must-have for me.

Publisher Rocket

Book Brush

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Book Brush is a graphic design site that’s probably most famous for its fantastic 3D covers! Boring social media posts are no more–I’m able to make gorgeous marketing graphics for my newsletter and social media with no graphic design experience. Even better, it’s branched out into book trailers, cover (and box set!) design, and has options for custom covers and social media management.


#stockphotos #graphics #covers #coverdesign #website

I’ve used DepositPhotos for literal years a this point. They have an amazing selection of stock photos, an easy-to-understand license structure, and the site is very user friendly. They even have a background remover tool. I’ve used so many photos from them–to make marketing graphics, for my newsletter, website, even for book covers! You won’t be disappointed.

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#website #webhosting #domains

SiteGround is one of those web hosts you find by word of mouth, because everyone I’ve talked to who’s used them loves them. They’re sure not the least expensive around, especially after the introductory rate, but they are absolutely the best when it comes to service. Their customer care is *chef’s kiss* and completely justifies the price, at least for me. For now, I won’t be using anyone else.


#distributer #publishing #widebooks

Draft2Digital is vital for wide authors. This distributer allows you to reach markets you couldn’t otherwise, or even vendors you simply don’t feel like making yet another an account for. Even better, there’s no cost up front–they take a commission off any sales you make. No monthly/yearly fee or anything. Give ’em a try, and take your books wide!

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule


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Need swag and goodies for giveaways and your table at a signing? Stickermule has what you’re looking for. T-shirts, magnets, labels, packaging, buttons, and more. My favorite part is the email promos–50 stickers for $9? Yes please! Click the link below (or the little graphic to the left) and get $10 credit toward your first Stickermule purchase.

Reading & Listening


Audible is fab for audiobooks. Its selection can’t be beat. You’re practically guaranteed to find a new favorite book or narrator. Great for travel, or just when you want to immerse yourself in a book. Everyone loves to be read to!

Kindle Unlimited (KU)

Kindle Unlimited is great for insatiable readers–you know the kind. Maybe you are one! Finishing a few books a week, maybe even a book a day! But who has the cash for that? Not most authors I know, and we do read a lot to make sure we know what’s going on with the market. KU has a great selection of ebooks for a flat monthly rate. Give it a try!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of those things I’ve used for so long, I kind of take it for granted. Sure, it’s saved me a TON on shipping costs over the years, but I’ve also gotten some great free books with Prime, and found more than a few new shows on Prime Video. Writers could even take advantage of their included cloud storage. Now, it’s indespensible for me, both as a writer and as a regular ol’ consumer.