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Extras for Readers

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The treasure trove of deleted scenes, character and background info, pics, and other awesome extras.

Reading & Listening

Rakuten Kobo US

Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus may be relatively new to the U.S. market, but they’re coming in hot! They offer a truly unlimited reading method–no need to return books. And they’re super affordable with Read or Listen plans starting at $7.99 (and an amazing combo deal for only $2 more!) Start your free trial now.

Rakuten Kobo US
Kobo Colour eReaders – Bring Books to Life


Audible is fab for audiobooks. Its selection can’t be beat. You’re practically guaranteed to find a new favorite book or narrator. Great for travel, or just when you want to immerse yourself in a book. Everyone loves to be read to!

Kindle Unlimited (KU)

Kindle Unlimited is great for insatiable readers–you know the kind. Maybe you are one! Finishing a few books a week, maybe even a book a day! But who has the cash for that? Not most authors I know, and we do read a lot to make sure we know what’s going on with the market. KU has a great selection of ebooks for a flat monthly rate. Give it a try!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of those things I’ve used for so long, I kind of take it for granted. Sure, it’s saved me a TON on shipping costs over the years, but I’ve also gotten some great free books with Prime, and found more than a few new shows on Prime Video. Writers could even take advantage of their included cloud storage. Now, it’s indespensible for me, both as a writer and as a regular ol’ consumer.